The Basic Skills For Nitro RC Car

12th Jan 2023

The Basic Skills For Nitro RC Car

Getting Started:

Always a good idea to grab a nitro start kit when purchasing any nitro RC car, if for any reason this is not available, below are the items and tools you will need.

  1. Glow ignitor and suitable charger
  2. Small flat-head screwdriver
  3. 8mm Socket driver
  4. Fuel bottle
  5. Nitro fuel
  6. Spare glow plug
  7. AA Batteries or 6v Hump Pack Ni-Mh Battery

How to Start a Nitro Engine:

Providing all your equipment are in working condition and fully charged, fill up your tank and block the exhaust tip with your finger while giving a few pulls if you have a pull-starter, or press a few times on the electric drill starter while it's plugged in behind of the engine.

You should clearly see the nitro fuel going into the carburettor. Once the fuel reaches the carburettor plug your glow ignitor into the engine then give a few more pulls or press a few more times on the electric drill starter, the engine should be running.

Won’t Start?

The most common problem when the engine is not starting will be either there is no fuel going into the engine or the glow plug isn’t holding its ignition, or there could be somewhere leaking either air or fuel, worst case scenario might be the clutch could be stuck and stayed engaged, therefore, the engine won’t start. If the car has been stored for a while with some fuel left inside the fuel tank, the fuel may become jelly or sticky, make sure you clean up both fuel lines and then put some fresh fuel in, it’s a good idea to take the high-end needle out and clean it with CRC, do the same to the low-end needle. Once these are cleaned repeat the step above.

Run-in & Tunning:

When the car is brand new, it’s very important to run the engine in before we use the car normally, meaning that we want the engine to have plenty of fuel going in. To have plenty of fuel going into the engine we adjust the high-end needle anti-clockwise. Usually, there’re not many things to adjust if the car has come as an RTR kit. When the engine is running,

do not run it at full throttle, slowly and gently run the car around, it’s totally normal to see lots of smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe, keep doing this procedure for the first 3-5 tanks of fuel. Once complete, you can tell whether or not the car has been ran-in by spinning the clutch with your finger, if succeeded, you should find the clutch very easy and smooth to spin, up to a point when you apply a bit more force you should feel a small “pop” that’s when the piston has reached the top end and coming down.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Try your best to keep the fuel tank empty after every run, take the glow plug out of the engine, spray some CRC into the cylinder or use after-run oil then pull a few times, again, if it’s a drill starter press a few times on the electric drill starter. Make sure there is no fuel left in the fuel line as well.

Turning the Engine off:

There’re a few ways to turn the nitro engine off, the easiest way could be taking the air filter out and then blocking the carburettor with your finger, the engine should stop within 2 seconds. The other way is to block the exhaust tip with your finger if it’s not too hot. Finally, stopping the clutch can also turn off the nitro engine, however, it’s not widely recommended unless you have the experience to do so.

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