Hobby Station

Hobby Station (Yokomo) RPG-302 Gyro


RPG-302-V3 - Hobby Station RPG-302 V3 Steering Gyro 3CH with Steering Limiter The new gyro is the Racing Performer(RP) brand family, named as RPG-302 V3. Conventional RPG-302 was well known as its best balance in high response as well as mild steering...

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KDS 800 Headlock Gyro

$99.00 $55.00

for all RC helicopter   Product Description : KDS800 Dimension(mm):28x28x18 Digital proportional R/C system Operating voltage:4.8V-6V (common for receiver) Operating temperature: Operating current:80mA Functions: Minimizes changes in an aircraft attitude...

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KDS 820 New Head Lock AVCS Gyro

$89.00 $59.00

KDS 820  KDS820 Dual rate & Head Lock AVCS Gyro For RC Helicopter 450 500 600 700 3D Flying Hobby station special $ 68 Product Description: KDS820 is a gyro with function of dual rate &head lock, specially designed for helicopters. KDS820...

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KG-X is Intelligent steering assist Gyro unit which is optimized for use with RWD drift car. Next generation Gyro system, covering all required functions for Drift cars, such as AGC function, End point adjust (each L/R ) function, PCA function, etc...

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MST LSD 2.0 S Gyro


LSD 2.0 gyro is a specific and completed gyro for RC cars. MST integrates parameters by many events and practices into development. The LSD 2.0 gyro makes car drift smoothly and naturally in curves. It shows amazing balance between car controlling and...

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MST LSD 2.0RS Gyro


This is MST LSD 2.0 RS Gyro.     *Photos for reference only.   Feature: For: FS-01D, FXX, HT, MS-01D GT, MS-01D PRO, MS-01D RTR, MS-01D S, MS-01D VIP, XXX-D PRO, XXX-D VIP (FM), XXX-D VIP (RM) and 1/10 RC Drift Car Color: Black  ...

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SKYRC Gyro GC301 For RC Drift F1 Car


GC301-Gyro for RC Cars, It is a device using gyro sensor and software algorithm to adjust steering output, providing you with a more stable and controlled driving experience.The Gyro's heading hold effect manages steering output by automatically keeping...

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