Transmitter & Receiver (TX & RX)


AR400 4-Channel DSMX Aircraft Receiver


Key Features: Full-range DSMX receiver Antenna is amplified for greater signal clarity Small, remote receiver attached to antenna provides signal path diversity 4-Channel -throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder channels for park flyers, trainers and...

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AR6210 6-Channel DSMX Receiver


Key Features: 6 channels Internal and remote receiver Patented DuaLink® technology ModelMatch™ technology prevents flying a model using the wrong model memory (feature does not work with module systems) ServoSync™ technology (feature...

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AR7610 7-Channel DSMX Hi Speed Receiver


Key Features: Industry-leading DSMX® technology MultiLink™ for superior signal path diversity Patented DuaLink® for superior frequency diversity Single-receiver configurable; can operate with or without included remote receiver Flight log...

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AR8000 8-Channel DSMX Receiver


Key Features: 11 millisecond frame rate provides superior speed from stick input to servo output 2048 resolution provides smooth transition from stick input to servo movement Flight log and telemetry compatible 1-Year Limited Warranty Specs: ...

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DSMX Remote Receiver


Key Features: Includes 24-inch remote receiver extension Replacement remote receiver for DSMX® receivers that utilize a remote receiver Optional 2nd remote receiver for the AR9010 receiver or 4th remote receiver for the AR9110 Product...

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Flysky 6 channel receiver FS-A6


FlySky 2.4Ghz 6CH receiver FS-A6  ( 2A) (1) channels: 6channels(2) Modulation Type:2.4G(3) modulation:GFSK(4) Difference Frequency:No(5) Frequency:2.4G (6) Power:5V DC(1.5V AAA*4) (7) weight:25g(8) ANT length:26mm(9)...

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FlySky FS-IA6B 6ch Receiver


This FlySky FS-iA6B 6ch Receiver works great with the FlySky FS-i6 Controller. This compact 6 channel receiver is great for any model using up to 6 channels and, with a range exceeding 500 meters, it can be considered to be full range for all but the...

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