DSMX Remote Receiver


Key Features: Includes 24-inch remote receiver extension Replacement remote receiver for DSMX® receivers that utilize a remote receiver Optional 2nd remote receiver for the AR9010 receiver or 4th remote receiver for the AR9110 Product...

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Futaba S3003 Standard Servo


  Futaba S3003 Standard Servo   This servo can be used in cars, boats, or where standard servos are used.   INCLUDES   One S3003 standard servo with preinstalled Xshape servo horn FUTM0031Four brass eyeletsFour Black...

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Remote Receiver Extension 24-inch


Key Featues: 24-Inch Remote Receiver Extension Overview: This is the cable that runs between the main receiver and the remote (satellite) receiver. This cable has a female connector on both ends. If you wish to lengthen your remote receiver cable...

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Giant Power

TBS Crossfire Race Antenna 915MHz


The Crossfire RACE antenna is a new design for miniature setups or builds where weight is more critical than range. It will give you range about as good as a regular "Long Range 2.4GHz system", but maintaining all of the low latency properties and other...

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TBS Diamond Antenna


A slightly-directional antenna for best signal penetration. Built ultra-durable using lessons learned from TBS Triumph, and designed by none other than IBCrazy! THE CROSSFIRE TX ANTENNA TO RULE THEM ALL! Antenna orientation, wear & tear and...

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TBS XF Immortal T V2 Antenna


THE TBS IMMORTAL T V2 ANTENNA! With improved signal sensitivity and durability, the Immortal T v2 antenna is the perfect companion for race quads. The centerpiece housing is made out of a rubberized plastic material which will allow a certain degree of...

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