AKA Premium Tire Glue


AKA Premium Tire Glue is best in the industry bar none. We know because we can't keep it in stock. This medium viscosity CA glue has been formulated to bond plastic to rubber and it does with tenacity. As with any CA glue, we suggest that you store your...

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Mumeisha 15ml Elastomer Foam Adhesive


Mumeisha 10130 15ml Elastomer Foam Adhesive   Special features Excellent oily resistant Special adhesion of PVC and foam Excellent heat proof Spec: Elastomer Fastbond Foam Adhesive apply for RC Model Exellent oily resistant Special adhesion for PVC and...

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Mumeisha 242 screw lock Blue


Mumeisha 242 lock tied Blue   242:For different size screw can be remove. 271:For different size screw strong strengths lock. 638:For main shaft, need to heat up for removing.   product from Japan

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Silicone adhesive for bonding and securing electronics to race drone frames, for when glue can't take the heat. Perfect for securing ufl adapters to vtx!   Works up to 200 degrees Celcius, no mixing required.  Black color to blend in with...

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Tamiya - CA Cement (Gel Type) [87091]


Tamiya has released CA Cement Gel Type under Cement / Glue Craft Tools category#87091 Tamiya - CA Cement (Gel Type) This cement is perfect for use with extremely small parts and photo-etched parts since it gives you time to make positional adjustments...

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Tamiya - Plastic Cement 20ml [87012]


Tamiya #87012 - Plastic Cement 20ml This is a 20ml Jar of Tamiya Cement. Features: This is a liquid cement for styrene resin models. It has an excellent bonding characteristic! Can be used in the construction of any stryene plastic model, plastic...

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Tamiya 87113 Limonene Cement 40ml


Tamiya 87113 Limonene Cement 40mlEasy to Use Cement  This cement uses limonene extracted from citrus fruits and is very safe to use and comes with no unpleasant smells. It can be used for plastic model assembly as well as for cementing plastic...

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Tamiya Cement (for ABS)


★This new cement is specially formulated for use with ABS plastic parts such as the masts in 1/350 scale ship model kits, which cannot be attached with normal plastic cement. ★This cement can also be used to cement ABS plastic parts to styrene...

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