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Bat-Safe LiPo Battery Charging Safe Box


Description The simple solution to safe charging of LiPo batteries.The BAT-SAFE is an insulated double wall steel box that contains the fire and intense heat in case of a runaway battery. The smoke and soot is filtered through a flame arrestor...

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Battery AA Alkaline Panasonic


DescriptionPanasonic's Alkaline Power battery is an ideal power solution for many of today's appliances that demand powerful batteries. As Alkaline is the most advised technology to supply these appliances with the energy they deserve.

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Cellmeter 7 Battery Tester

$35.00 $25.00

This device will know every battery you connect to it , it shows kind of battery ( LiPo , LiFe , NimH , Nicd) and give you information about the charging status of every single cell ( LiPo LiFe)in the pack . It shows voltage and capacity of each...

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