AR400 4-Channel DSMX Aircraft Receiver


Key Features: Full-range DSMX receiver Antenna is amplified for greater signal clarity Small, remote receiver attached to antenna provides signal path diversity 4-Channel -throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder channels for park flyers, trainers and...

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AR6210 6-Channel DSMX Receiver


Key Features: 6 channels Internal and remote receiver Patented DuaLink® technology ModelMatch™ technology prevents flying a model using the wrong model memory (feature does not work with module systems) ServoSync™ technology (feature...

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AR7610 7-Channel DSMX Hi Speed Receiver


Key Features: Industry-leading DSMX® technology MultiLink™ for superior signal path diversity Patented DuaLink® for superior frequency diversity Single-receiver configurable; can operate with or without included remote receiver Flight log...

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AR8000 8-Channel DSMX Receiver


Key Features: 11 millisecond frame rate provides superior speed from stick input to servo output 2048 resolution provides smooth transition from stick input to servo movement Flight log and telemetry compatible 1-Year Limited Warranty Specs: ...

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DSMX Remote Receiver


Key Features: Includes 24-inch remote receiver extension Replacement remote receiver for DSMX® receivers that utilize a remote receiver Optional 2nd remote receiver for the AR9010 receiver or 4th remote receiver for the AR9110 Product...

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Flysky 6 channel receiver FS-A6


FlySky 2.4Ghz 6CH receiver FS-A6  ( 2A) (1) channels: 6channels(2) Modulation Type:2.4G(3) modulation:GFSK(4) Difference Frequency:No(5) Frequency:2.4G (6) Power:5V DC(1.5V AAA*4) (7) weight:25g(8) ANT length:26mm(9)...

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FlySky FS-IA6B 6ch Receiver


This FlySky FS-iA6B 6ch Receiver works great with the FlySky FS-i6 Controller. This compact 6 channel receiver is great for any model using up to 6 channels and, with a range exceeding 500 meters, it can be considered to be full range for all but the...

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Fr Sky

Fr-Sky X4R 4 channel receiver


FrSky's X4R receiver features 4 PWM outputs (normal servo).  Plus the exciting new Smart Port and a traditional A2 port are all located on the side of the receiver. A FrSky FBVS can be connected to the A2 port for simple voltage monitoring as...

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Fr-Sky X6R 16ch Receiver


  Details FrSky's X6R receiver features 16 channels (6 normal PWM outputs and all 16 channels on the dedicated Sbus output). Plus the exciting new Smart Port and a traditional A2 port on the bottom. Pull the jumper and connect an FBVS for basic...

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