Cellmeter 7 Battery Tester

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This device will know every battery you connect to it , it shows kind of battery ( LiPo , LiFe , NimH , Nicd) and give you information about the charging status of every single cell ( LiPo LiFe)in the pack . It shows voltage and capacity of each...

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Specifikation Vikt: 575 gDrivspänning: 100-240 VMått: 176x138x57 mmLaddar (Batterityp): NiMH, Li-PoLaddar (Li-Po): 2-3 CellerLaddar (NiMH): 5-8 CellerLaddström: 1,0-8,0AUrladdning: 500mAUteffekt: 100WSpecialfunktioner: Dubbla utgångar QUICK FEATURES...

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HTRC 100W Lipo charger 10A


HTRC 100W charger 10A charing (Black Color in-stock now) Charge at home on 110/240v or in the field on 12v with this great dual power charger. This B6-AC can do both This iMAX B6-AC can charge, balance and discharge Li-ion, LiPo, LiFe (A123), NiCd , NiMH...

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HTRC A3 charger 2A


HTRC A3 NIMH Battery Compact Charger Max 2A 20W for RC Car NiMH Battery   Features:The charger uses 110-240V AC mains power.Charges NiMH batteries with up to 2A charge current.Battery charger for charging 7.2V NiMH batteries.High quality, safe and...

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Lipo/LiFe/NiMH battery charger B450AC


HTRC Great Value 5A Multi function charger Specification: B450 ACAC input 11-240 VoltCharge current range 0.1-5.0ADischarge current range 0.1-1.0ALi-ion/Fe/Polymer 1-4 cellsNiCd/NiMh 3-10 cellsCharging Current(Selected by Switch) 1A, 2A, 3A, 4ALCD for...

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Power Supply 24V, 16.6A, 400W


Server style power supply. NZ plug. Suitable for ISDT chargers and other multi battery type chargers that require an external power supply. *CAUTION - this power supply is intended to be built into a charging enclosure and not used stand alone.

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