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1UP Racing

1UP Racing Red CV Joint Oil (8ml)


This is a 8ml bottle of 1UP Racing Red CV Joint Oil. Formulated with feedback from Factory Drivers, 1UP Red is the answer for the racer looking for extreme performance and long-lasting protection for their CV joints or Universals!

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Brunox Turbo Spray 400ml


BRUNOX TURBO SPRAY LUBRICANT 400ML This is an amazing long term penetrating spray. When used on car plastics it creates a sheen like no other. A definite for the tool box    Turbo is a long term lubricant, creep oil, anti-corrosion...

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Mumeisha Cleaning Clay


Description: This product can be used to clean percision parts of vehicles and can be used repeatedly, with the advantages of environmental-protection, no toxicity and strong adhesive force.

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Mumeisha Hi Speed bearing lubricant / oil

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  Mumeisha product-profesional for RC rubricant   Professional High speed bearing Lubricant for all your RC toys need   For One way bearing, ball bearing, cup joint   It can be used under the condiction of heavy load, and high...

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Mumeisha HT Paste [5g]


Mumeisha H.T Paste [5g] Mumeisha P.T.F.E Grease is a high-quality race-spec grease formulated drive train, bearing, main shaft and other moving parts on modern high-performance RC cars. Mumeisha P.T.F.E Grease reduces friction,...

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Mumeisha Motor Brush Lubricant


Use this special electrical conducting lubricant in your DC electric motor to improve the conduct between the brushes and the commutator and also to reduce wear. Just a very small drop of this lubricant improves the efficiency of your DC electric motor...

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ProTek RC

ProTek RC "TruWash" RC Car Wash (32oz)


This is a 32 ounce bottle of ProTek R/C "TruWash" RC Car Wash. ProTek R/C understands that how your ride looks is as important as how well it performs. We all want to shine, but a clean car is not all about showing off; dirt and grime can slow a car...

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Tamiya Brush Conditioning Fluid


his highly useful material will help care for your brush whether you paint frequently or otherwise. It contains agents that help keep the brush tip from fanning out, plus an adhesive substance to ensure the tip stays in the correct shape. Clean brush...

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Tamiya Molybdenum Grease [87022]


Tamiya has released Molybdenum Grease under Lubricant category#87022 Tamiya - Molybdenum Grease This is a Tube of Molybdenum Grease from Tamiya. Features: This grease is suitable for gears and moving parts in mechanical operations. Maintains viscosity...

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Team Associated

Team Associated Factory Team Green Slime


This is Team Associated's Factory Team Green Slime shock O-ring grease. This is a specially formulated grease that provides a better seal between the shock shafts and the shock O-rings to help prevent shock oil leaking from the shocks, as well as provide...

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VP-Pro Anti-Wear Grease


VP-PRO Anti-Wear Grease - multi-functional grease used to provide lubrication and reduce wear on gears, cvd, or anywhere that friction may occur, or on the sides of air filters to stop dust from creeping around the outside of the...

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Yeah Racing

Yeah Racing Universal Cleaning Case


Yeah Racing Universal Cleaning Case Description: This Yeah Racing Universal Cleaning Case helps to remove dust and dirt of the bearings/screws/small parts with hassle-free. Simply put the bearings/screws/small parts inside the cleaning case, add...

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