FMS 1400mm CESSNA 182


FMS Airplane Sunshine Shield


As the summer heats up you'll need some shade for your plane to prevent "hot sun glared down on plane surface. We've seen airplane covers for giant scale planes for years and they always look cool while providing an important function in protection. FMS...

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FMS-ESC-40A(200mm input cable)


FMS-ESC-40A(200mm input cable) For 1400mm Cessna 182/J3 1100mm F3A/ F6F /PT-17/ HS 123/Waco/ Beechcraft2300mm FOX/ ASK23/ ASW28/ V-Tail manufacturer FMS Cont. Current 40A Burst Current 50A BEC 5volts / 3amps Dimension 28x38x8mm Weight...

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