3500KV Bruless Motor


Description KDS WS2632 2014-A 3500KV Brushless Motor For 450 RC Helicopter Model Weight 56g Work voltage 11.1V     Diameter26mm  Length35mm Work current32A MaxPower350W   Shaft diameter3.17mm Highest rotating speed3500RPMV...

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Acuvance Chevalier TRACE


OP-15063   Chevalier with a reputation for high efficiency and high power characteristics. This is the first device for receivers in the series. Of course, we inherit "big capacity" "low resistance" which is the biggest feature of the same series...

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Acuvance Chevalier Turbo (OP-87210)


A structure that is totally different from previous capacitors. Amazing momentary large current charge/discharge capacity compensates for drops in battery voltage. Virtually no internal deterioration due to charging and discharging (Theoretically...

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Acuvance Fledge 10.5T with Fan


FLEDGE Next-generation brushless motor that combines high levels of torque, rotation, and efficiency with a revolutionary structural design like never before. Features ●Equipped with the industry's first revolutionary system [A.V.S.] that realizes forced...

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